Renovation Project

VOLUNTEER!!!  The Library has received a grant to help pay for renovations on the entire Troy building.  We are looking for volunteers that can help with the renovations, including electrical, plumbing, concrete, painting, and many other things.  If you would like to help out please contact Maggie at 785-985-2597.  The expected start date is Fall 2014!  These renovations will make a big difference in the community’s future!  Any help would be appreciated!

Please take time and consider helping us.  gifts of any size are greatly appreciated.  All donations are tax deductible.

Frequently Asked Questions about the grant and the renovation project

What kinds of renovations will be made?
All library building project decisions were made to better align the current needs and desires of each community while allowing for future growth.  The Building Committee, made up of library staff, library board members, and community members, have met with architects and engineers to create a functional and feasible design.  The plans for the renovation include:

  • Creating a children’s space in the North corner of the Library
  • Establishing handicap-accessible restrooms
  • Replacing heating and air conditioning systems for more efficient use
  • Construction of an emergency exit stairs in the back of the building and fire safety systems throughout the entire building
  • Adding a meeting room with presentation technology for conferences, events and programs

How much will the renovation cost?
The total cost estimate for the project is $500,000, including labor costs.  However, much of the project will be done using volunteer labor, so the final cost to compete the renovation and provide updated furnishings will actually be between $300,000 and $400, 000, and a lot of sweat equity.

Where is the library getting the money for this project?
The library has two major sources that will fund the major renovation of the Troy facility.  The first source is our community.  Over the last five years, the library has been working to raise the funds for a renovation project by asking for donations from our community.  More than $50,000 has been raised to put towards the renovation.

The second source of funding is a $300,000 grant called the KAN STEP Community Development Block Grant.  Many small towns in Kansas have used this type of grant to fund projects that benefit their communities.  The fire station and community center in Highland, KS were built using this type of grant.  The major condition of the grant is that the money may only be used for materials, which means that the physical labor of the project must all be volunteer (and we’re looking for lots of help!)

Why should I help Troy expand?  I don’t live there/I don’t even go to the Troy library.
The Central Library Building in Troy is the HEART of Doniphan County Library District # 1.  It houses and processes all of the materials and supplies for all of the branches.  The Director and most of the staff have offices in this building.  Without the Central Library, the rest of the branches cannot function.  Helping the Central Library facility helps all of the branches.

Why are you renovating instead of building a new library?
The library board has been looking at the pros and cons of purchasing the present building or building a new building for many years.  A lot of research has gone into both options.  Here are some factors that went into the decision:

-Location:  The current building downtown Troy is within walking distance of many downtown businesses.  Children can also walk to the library easily from school.  Genealogy researchers find the location convenient since the Courthouse is just across the street.

-Size:  The building is large enough for how it is used now and has room for future growth and expansion.  The library currently occupies about 2/3 of the available space, so there is plenty of room to grow.

-Price:  Even with the renovation costs, a new building with the same square footage would not be financially possible.

Will you use local contractors and suppliers?
The grant requires an all-volunteer labor force, so we can only work with skilled laborers who will volunteer their time.  For materials, we are a tax-supported body, so everything must be bid on the open market and we are obligated to accept the lowest bid.  The library would encourage local suppliers to enter a bid for materials.