Local History

Local Resources from the Library

Local Digital Resources:

I addition to the information and files below, we have created our own Genealogy Website.  Access to genealogy information including family histories, obituaries, and local cemetery information. Bear with us as we continue to add items.

General Historic Documents

Family Files (sorted by last name)

Doniphan County Churches
    Christ Lutheran Church

     Highland Methodist Presbyterian Church

     Saint John Baptist Church

     Saint Mary’s Catholic Church

Doniphan County Schools 

     Brenner School

     Doniphan County Graduations

Bendena High School:

      Bendena High School Yearbooks

Doniphan West High School:

     Doniphan West High School Yearbooks

Highland High School:

     Highland High School Yearbooks

Midway High School:

        Midway High School Yearbooks

Severance School:

         Severance Grade and High School Yearbooks

Sparks School:

          Sparks Grade School Yearbooks

Troy High School:

     First Graduate Class of Troy High School

     Trojan Trumpet

     Troy High School Yearbooks

Wathena High School:

     Wathena School

     Wathena High School Banquet

     Wathena High School Yearbooks

Doniphan County Cemetery Inventory – by Speedy and Gail Stewart

Doniphan Town Site

Elwood City Historical Documents

Fanning Historical Documents

Highland Historical Documents

Jackson County, Kansas Schools 

     Whiting Rural High School Yearbooks

     Jackson Heights High School Yearbooks

Leona Historical Documents

Troy City Historical Documents

Wathena City Historical Documents

Vertical Files

Miscellaneous Documents:

4-H News


Local Physical (nondigital) Resources:

These are hard-copy resources available only at the Library branches. They are not available for check-out.

The bulk of our physical collection of newspapers, birth and death announcements, military service records, etc. are at the Troy Library.  The other branches also have small local genealogy collections that may help you research your family history.

The Doniphan County Courthouse is just across the street from the Troy Branch, so it is very convenient to do research in Troy.

Microfilm – The following are available at the Troy Branch:

  • Federal and State Census records for Doniphan County from 1854-
  • Various Doniphan County Newspapers
    Centennial State 1881
    Coffeyville Earth  1913
    Denton Journal  1897
    Denton Wheel  1895 – 1896
    Doniphan County Hustler  1898
    Doniphan County Hustler  1906 – 1908
    Doniphan County Hustler  1924 – 1928
    Elwood Inquire  1965
    Elwood Inquire  1967
    Highland Vidette  1893 – 1898
    Highland Vidette  1900 – 1973
    Highland Vidette  1986 – 1994
    Highlander  1924
    Highlander  1950
    Kansas Chief  1919
    Kansas Chief  1920 – 1925
    Kansas Chief  1927
    Kansas Chief  1929 – 1993
    Leona Sun  1896
    Newspress  1877 – 1878
    Severance News  1883
    Severence News  1889
    Severence News  1900 – 1906
    Severence News  1908 – 1909
    Severence News  1910 – 1926
    Telephone  1906 – 1907
    Troy Times  1886 – 1901
    Wathena Advance  1878
    Wathena Republic March 1900 – Dec 1900
    Wathena Republic  1901 – 1906
    Wathena Republic  1908 – 1910
    Wathena Republic  1912
    Wathena Republic  1914
    Wathena Republic  1917
    Wathena Star  1896 – 1897
    Wathena Star  1899 – 1900
    Wathena Times  1902 – 1907
    Wathena Times  1930 – 1991
    Wathena Times  1993 – 1993
    Wathena Times  1995
    Wathena Weekly Gazette  July 1889 – Sept 1890
    White Cloud Chief  1920
    White Cloud Globe  1892 – 1921
    White Cloud Review  1881 – 1885
    White Cloud Review  1896 – 1897
    White Cloud Review  1949

The Photograph Collection

Photos donated to the library.  Contains photographs of Doniphan County people, businesses, and events.

Other Helpful Resources